All In The Name Of Rock & Roll!

...I'd sell my soul!

7 July
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I'm Rianna.

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I pretty much rule.

I love sewing, and I'm actually good at it. I make alot of my own clothing and I sometimes sell on E-bay!

I'm really into music.

I love to thrash.

I love D-Beat.

I love metal.

I love new wave.

I love the 80's.

I like to call myself an artist.

I love my boyfriend Jack. ♥

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He's rockin' the peach mothafuckin' tea!

He's my best friend, so back up bitches.

This is Amanda Lynn Sikora... she's the smelliest bitch around, and she's my best friend. Even though she likes NIPS.

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We're the mothafuckin' ARCADE PUNKS!!!! War paint & shitttt!

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I ♥ dinosaurs.

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IM me = Rot and Roll 77

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I am also apart of Mad Rad Hair, Drink Sparks, & my newly joined Kryolan_makeup... which rules!!